Aurelien Collin’s Connection with Fashion

As a young man, I grew up in a suburb of Paris with the American Dream. I was always amazed by how stars were dressed and how in Paris this was a state of mind. My Mother would buy fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue and I would study the clothing and how to style clothing.

Even from a young age, you want to look good even without money. It’s a lifestyle—the way you wear your t-shirts or sweatpants! You want to be fashionable even just wearing shorts and a t-shirt; it’s about matching color, cut, and style to create a “look.”

After I turned pro at the age of 19, the money I earned enabled me to shop at the big brand stores and start wearing some of the clothes I studied in fashion magazines. When I came to America, I immediately noticed mentally Americans were different when it came to fashion and saw the opportunity to work on my fashion projects. Americans are more open minded towards fashion and don’t judge as much as I’ve experienced in Europe. I love that you can do anything here, as long as you are very professional and give 100% on the field. From this, I’ve begun the process of stylizing and modernizing men’s fashion for here in the States.

Currently, I’m discovering how to make clothes and learning to appreciate the craft of fashion.